An Open Letter to Healthcare Providers

Although professionally, I was a pediatric oncology nurse practitioner prior to my heart transplant, I write this letter as an individual who lives with long-lasting late effects stemming from the successful treatment of Ewing's Sarcoma as a child in the late 1970's along with the daily implications of immunosuppression. Dear Healthcare Providers, I write because I … Continue reading An Open Letter to Healthcare Providers


Immune Compromised: Minimizing Infectious Risk

Well, cold and flu season has arrived, so so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share with you steps that I take to protect my health and wellness during the winter months. I, like all organ recipients, am immune compromised [and] at increased risk of infection. You may not realize it, but organ transplant … Continue reading Immune Compromised: Minimizing Infectious Risk

Participating in Your Care: the Benefits

A few days ago I posted a link to a review paper looking at the benefits of individuals participating in their healthcare [and] the healthcare decision-making process. CLICK HERE to read the review piece. Up until the last decade, the practice of medicine could be described as paternalistic with blind obedience on the part of … Continue reading Participating in Your Care: the Benefits

Total Body Skin Check

Well, my medical year in review includes something that I believe gets looked at every day, but it all to often overlooked in the care of the adult survivor of childhood cancer who received radiation. I will link to the Children's Oncology Group/s risk factors and guidelines at the end of the post. This year … Continue reading Total Body Skin Check

Anniversaries: Do They Serve You OR Hurt You?!

Please know that I am not talking about happy birthdays [and] wedding anniversaries; I am talking about the date of a cancer diagnoses, last chemo treatments, 'cancerversaries', [and] heartversaries, the darkerversaries, if you will, [and] I find myself asking whether or not celebrating anniversaries of the darker nature serve me or not. By serve me, … Continue reading Anniversaries: Do They Serve You OR Hurt You?!